Tree Spraying

We help oaks, pines, and many other types of trees with disease, root damage and pests.

Turf and Land Management

We help land managers keep weeds and grasses under control for thriving ecosystems.

Pest Control

The foundation of our experience is in pest control for home owners and businesses.

“Rating this company a 5 is cheating because they deserve a TEN. Mike and Leo are truly the BEST, They know their work and do it extremely well. We have had them for many years and have been extremely happy with everything. We have had the weed program for many years and have had our oaks done as well. Should you need a reliable company for your pests, weeds or disease control do not even hesitate as they are your answer to solving all your problems.

Denise D.
Los Gatos”

Jeremy Hanegan, Vice President, Company

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